3 Day Muscle and Fitness Cleanse

The Pressed Plus Protein Juice Muscle and Fitness Cleanse is the first juice cleanse in the world that focuses on detoxifying your body, resetting your health and replenishing your body with concentrated nutrients all whilst protecting your important lean muscle tissue. 

Each of our high protein cold pressed juices that are included in the cleanse are perfectly balanced liquid meals made with live raw foods as nature intended.

Pressed Plus protein juices contain a unique blend of ingredients with up to 28 grams of protein in each bottle. Each Juice also contains complex carbohydrates, super-foods and essential fatty acids, which support the body’s own natural detox and cleanse process as well as fat loss, lean muscle growth, and general well-being. They are great for everyone including Vegans, Vegetarians, and a perfect choice for those who are Gluten or Lactose intolerant 

Our 3 day cleanse also includes a delicious super nutrient soup recipe for each evening, and is alkalizing, healing, comforting, and a great way to end the day with family.

The Muscle and Fitness cleanse is also designed for you to continue exercising throughout and the high plant protein content will protect valuable lean muscle tissue. 

3 days is all it takes to successfully complete a detoxifying muscle and fitness cleanse and experience the benefits of higher energy levels, clearer skin, improved sleep, better mood and weight loss.