3 Day Vitality Cleanse or 6 Day Reset Cleanse


The PressedPlus Protein Juice Vitality and Reset cleanses are the first juice cleanses in the world that focuses on detoxifying your body for true vitality, resetting your health and replenishing your body with concentrated nutrients all whilst protecting your important lean muscle tissue.

Each of our high protein cold pressed juices that are included in the cleanse are perfectly balanced liquid meals made with live raw foods as nature intended. Our juices contain a unique blend of ingredients with 25 grams of protein in each bottle. Each juice also contains super foods and essential fatty acids, which support the body’s own natural detox and cleanse process as well as fat loss, lean muscle growth, and general well-being. They are great for everyone including vegans, vegetarians, or those who are Gluten or Lactose intolerant.

Our 3 or 6 day cleanses prescribe a super nutrient soup for each evening which you make yourself. This warm soup is used in the evening to support your nervous system and it is very alkalising, healing and comforting. It is such a great way to end the day with family. When you order the juice cleanse you will receive the detailed protocol for the 3 or 6 days with the super nutrient soup recipe included.

The Vitality and Reset cleanses are also designed for you to continue exercising throughout and the high plant protein content will help protect valuable lean muscle tissue.

3 days is all it takes to start revitalising your vitality by removing stored toxins and 6 days takes you deeper and helps reset your entire system setting you up for a much stronger immune system, more energy, more clarity, fat loss and overall wellbeing just to name a few.