Plant Based Protein

PressedPlus Juices are Cold Pressed juices infused with plant based protein, superfoods and essential fats.

A nutritionally balanced liquid meal for immediate digestion and absorption.

PressedPlus Cleanses Have Arrived

It's important to reset and allow your cells to renew and energise your body! Our 3 day Vitality Cleanse and 6 Day Reset Cleanse packs have been created with optimal health in mind! You will also receive our 3 or 6 day cleanse protocol to follow with your PressedPlus juice pack. 


Home Delivered and so filling! The Lean on Green is my all time favourite! Thank You!
Easy, convenient and I feel awesome because they are a complete meal.
PressedPlus Juices help my inflammation go down! I feel amazing!
Easy to Order + Balanced Nutrition + Home Delivered! Perfect during COVID-19!

What's Different About PressedPlus Juice?

We are the first and only cold pressed juice infused with Australian organic plant based protein, superfoods and essential fatty acids that creates a complete balanced meal.

These revolutionary juice blends are easily digested and absorbed by the body. The combination of high protein, essential fatty acids and super foods are a powerhouse of macro and micro-nutrition that may assist in fat loss, lean muscle growth and ultimate cellular rejuvenation.

This is raw whole food based nutrition as nature intended with no synthetic ingredients or fillers and is suitable for the whole family.

Cold Pressed Power

Pressed from whole foods... 

We use a hydraulic press to slowly extract the juice from our fresh veggies. The cold press machine slowly presses the produce, breaking down the cell walls to release all of the phytochemicals and nutrients inside, whilst producing minimal oxidation. 

Now Delivering via Home Delivery Australia Wide

Our PressedPlus juices are packed with plant based goodness to ensure vital nutrients can renew your cells. During COVID-19 we recognise the need for home delivery and we've ensured we can deliver just about anywhere in Australia so there's nothing to wait for, select your juices and start your journey to better health and increased energy and immune strength now.

Family Health

Focus on energising, healing and bringing your family to complete health.

Our juice recipes are designed using nutrient rich ingredients and offering a wide range of benefits. We do not add anything to our juices and our juices are loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables which contain a superior nutrient profile compared to generic juices.

Overwhelming evidence shows significantly higher nutritional value in cold pressed juices compared to hot-filled juices alternatives. Our juices are perfect for the whole family.

Weekly Nutrition Tips

Why We Developed Pressed Plus Juices

After 3 first hand experiences with death I learnt how to rebuild my body physically and emotionally back to peak physical health and condition. I went from not having the strength to open a small bottle of water to winning the World Olympia Natural Bodybuilding title in 2006.

I became convinced there was a place for cold pressed juice in every person’s lifestyle no matter your level of health as it helped rebuild my battered body.

Why We Need To Provide Our Body Nutrient Dense Food

Most people’s immune systems are functioning at only around 50%. Science-based research shows that nutrient-dense foods packed with antioxidants have the power to double your immune system’s function so you can keep disease and illness at bay.

Our COVID-19 Commitment To You

Our outstanding manufacturers are committed to continuing to produce high quality, nutrient rich, immune boosting protein juice for us.

Home Delivery from Margaret River to Geraldton in WA. Rest of Australia coming soon!

We are so excited to bring our Pressed Plus Juices to Australia. We established PressedPlus back in 2017 and we've been working hard behind the scenes to improve our delivery network and platforms.