How do you make your Juice?

Cold pressed is the best! Pressed from whole foods we us a hydraulic press to slowly extract the juice from our fresh fruit and veggies. Our machine Mavis slowly presses the produce breaking down the cell walls to release all of the phytochemicals and nutrients inside whilst providing minimal oxidation.

We then slowly blend into our cold pressed juices fresh avocados, Australian organic fermented brown rice protein, Australian organic hemp nectar and Patented Anutra micro fine chia flour.


How long do your Juices last?

We use High Pressure Pasteurisation (HPP) to extend the fridge shelf life. Compared to traditional heat methods which kill many vitamins and minerals that are heat sensitive, HPP retains all vital nutrients and the beautiful colour and taste of the juice. No preservatives or additives are ever added. This gives you a 12 week fridge shelf life.


Are your juices Vegan?

Yes all our juices do not contain animal products. Our juices also do not contain gluten or soy and are non GMO





Will I lose weight?

This really isn’t the goal. We want to support cellular health and immune support first and foremost. We want you to feel better physically and mentally. However, most people find that they lose a few kg’s


What are juicing cleansing side effects?

When toxins are released back into the blood stream you can experience headaches, irritability, achy muscles, cold & flu like symptoms and skin breakouts. With proper hydration (approx. 40 mls of  water per kg of body weight) and rest you can reduce these symptoms.


 How should I store the juice?

Don’t leave the juice out in the heat. Refigerate until you are ready to drink. Shake away separation before opening also.


Why do you not use glass bottles?

All our bottles use the HPP process, which is high amounts of cold pressure and glass can not withstand this immense pressure. The bottles we do use are BPA free.


Why do the juices have different colours and tastes from time to time?

Just like the produce you buy yourself has variations in colour and taste, so do our juices. We pride ourselves on not adding preservatives or colour and flavours.


Can I freeze my juices?

We don’t ever freeze, but you definitely can. We just suggest you pour a little off the top to avoid expansion. Especially for the bloody rawsome.


What if I am pregnant?

Opinions are divided on this question so it is best to check with your doctor first. But as a general rule our products are safe to consume because we HPP which kills pathogens.


Can my kids drink your juice?

Yes cold pressed juice is a great alternative to sugary processed drinks, which don’t provide any nutrition for growing bodies. Also HPP kills any pathogens within the juice. Check ingredients though for anything your child may be allergic to though.


I was shocked this morning to find that my stool was red !!!!

Don’t worry all is well. It’s just the beetroot in the Bloody Rawsome. But if you aren’t feeling well please see your doctor.





Is there a lot of sugar in the juices?

Yes there are natural sugars only found in the juices. They help you feel energized and we add protein and essential fatty acids to the juice to slow the absorption of these sugars into the blood stream.


Isn’t the fibre missing in juice?

After we cold press our juice we blend fresh avocado, hemp nectar, chia flour and fermented brown rice protein into the juice to add fibre back into the juices.


Will I get hungry drinking these juices in replace of a meal?

No you should feel satiated for 2 to 3 hours due to the added protein, fat and fibre. The beauty of juice is that it is absorbed almost immediately into your body feeding your cells.





Is it ok to exercise while drinking our juice or while on our three day Vitality or 6 Day Reset Cleanse?

Yes! These juices are designed to allow you to exercise and as you will have lots of energy and a clear mind, you’re going to want to exercise.

The added protein, essential fats and superfoods will support exercise and help with recovery which can promote lean muscle growth and fat loss.

Exercise will also help you eliminate toxins and increase fitness levels.



We are proudly Australian Owned and Manufactured. It is important to us that we keep the supply chain in Australia so we work with local suppliers to ensure availability for our Pressed Plus Juices.