"As a shift worker, a dancer and currently trying my body and mind at bodybuilding, pressed plus protein juices are perfect to start the day ( or nightshift) With my body flooded with the nutrients it needs they stop me snacking through my night shift on the biscuits cake and chocolates everyone thinks nurses need! If I do fancy something sweet the holy cacao hits the spot. These juices keep my on track, keep my body nourished and lets it do all the crazy things I demand it to!"

Ginnene, 30th April 2020


"Have you ever tried a diet or product, insisting to yourself that it wasn't a fad, because you really need it to work, because you needed to improved your health in one way or another? Hands up? Come on, be honest. I have, of course we have! And... How many 'healthy' products are actually not so 'healthy'? It can be so confusing navigating all the information in the search for what is truth and what is going to help achieve our health goals. As a Mum of 2, high school principal and working through medically diagnosed IBS, overall health, energy and stamina are so important for me. And yes, I'm not far off the big 50 either and thinking 'how did that happen?' I'll admit I've been suckered in by the promise of results and thrown money at quick fixes. It doesn't work. The ONE thing that is working for me is a combination of Michelles amazing Pressed Plus Juice, heathy eating and regular personalised exercise program with Michelle. I have more energy, clear focussed mind and massive improvement in health overall (let alone stress and IBS coming right down!) I LOVE starting my day with a juice (my fav Holy Cacao but you will have to find your fav). I know that I've started my day with 1kg of vegies and nutritionally balance protein and carbs. when would I ever get that for breakfast any other way? My personal recommendation.... Do a cleanse with the juices then continue them in a balanced approach that works for you. You can't go wrong."

Laurelle, 30th April 2020



"I've suffered from high stress due to my career. As I've aged, I began to get arthritis in my hands and feet. In particular, my feet are so swollen and I am in pain daily. A few months ago, my daughter introduced me to PressedPlus juices. I initially purchased the juices as a way to enjoy nutritious meals that were quick and easy for work. However, over the past two months I have progressively noticed every week, my feet are less swollen and sore. My joints started to settle down and the inflammation in my body gently subsided. I can not believe the difference I feel. I have lost a small amount of weight but by far, the greatest result is that my feet are half as swollen as they used to be and I can walk without pain for the first time in years. It's quite astounding and I haven't changed anything else in my diet or my lifestyle so I absolutely attribute the change to these juices and consuming less fast food and sugar. These juices have become a part of my daily nutrition now and I'm very pleased."

Joy, Queensland, 26th March 2020


"Quick, easy and delicious. These juices are fantastic for me as I travel daily for work. As a Salesman who travels and doesn't want to eat junk food, these juices are a life saver. I definitely feel better when I have them and find I sleep easier and wake more refreshed. I'd highly recommend using these juices for lunch as they are quick, easy and delicious. The Bloody Rawsome is my favourite!"

Andrew, Queensland, 12th February 2020